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stabithastabs said: Different sides of the country. Same fucking cycle. I hope you are eating tons of food that is delicious (because calories don’t count on your period. That’s science.)

Nathan periodically sends me chocolate or gives it to me when we see each other from Australia. While I am  seriously craving salty foods (I’d kill for some chips right now) the chocolate is really helping. But I’m SO tired all the time!!! I feel like I need either tons of caffeine or vitamin water.

feminerdity said: YOU TOO!!!?? You did this to me….

Oh no! I am so sorry! I offer chocolate as a peace offering <3

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    Thanks, Megan. Luv ya, too! ;-PPain-killers for everyone!!
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    Commercials. Commercials on tv are the worst for me. Especially if it’s like a Campbell’s soup commercial or something.
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    We are all just that awesome. It’s too bad these powers can’t be used for good. WITH YOUR POWERS COMBINED, I AM weeping...
  5. stabithastabs said: It’s clearly a sign that we are all awesome together. Maybe we need a superhero team. I might be more supervillain team right now, though. Like a group of Sailor Moon villains for a week and then go back to regular life.
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    MUAHAHAHAHA!!! You shall all bow to my cycle! No, but for serious… I’ve heard of cycles meshing up when girls hang out...
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